Performance Management

Information at your fingertips

The performance dashboard allows you to view the performance of your servers in a central console. The data is loaded into a data warehouse and analysis cubes are then built from the data, which allows information to be quickly searched and compared.

Easy to use interface

The performance dashboard provides an easy to use interface which allows you to view the data in many different ways, for example by hour, day, week or by server. Several servers can also be viewed simultaneously. Graphs and data can be exported into word, excel or PDF format so that they can be incorporated into your own reports.


You can customise the dashboard, add other servers, change the performance counters to be viewed and even link the data across multiple web parts. For example, a chart can be linked to a traffic light which will then display green if no problems have been predicted, orange if there are minor issues or red if the issues are critical.

Light version available

A scaled down dashboard is offered as part of the health check as a hosted solution, or you can purchase a license to use the dashboard internally.