Database Systems

Utilise your data

Databases are critical to any environment as they hold the key to running a successful business, your customer data. One cannot accurately estimate the cost of downtime as intangibles such as reputation can be difficult to measure.

Implement recovery plans

Dewlock can help you develop a disaster recover plan for your database systems and implement high availability solutions such as clustering and log shipping. We can help you manage and monitor this environment using trusted and proven technologies such as Microsoft Operations Manager.

Optimise your database

Our database developers can help you tune and optimise your databases. We can analyse your queries and create an appropriate physical database structure and logical structure. Experts will monitor your system to determine the appropriate placement of files, file groups, indexes, and configuration options. Let us help you increase the life of your struggling applications so that your existing investments can be protected.

Our analysis is comprehensive and includes monitoring of deadlocks and blocking. We will provide an objective report showing you the improvements in performance and the increase of life expectancy for the application so that you can see the return on investment and value that we provide.

Server health checks provided

If you require a health check for the server we can provide a complete check which includes server configuration recommendations, disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning, performance analysis, security recommendations, analysis of SQL and operating system errors, and database configuration recommendations.

We provide three reports for our health check which includes: Executive report:This will contain information at the executive level such as key problem areas, an impact analysis, mitigation strategies, the amount of time and resources required to resolve the issues. Management report:The management report will outline the issues discovered in detail. Each section in the report explains what could be changed to improve the system and the expected gains in improvement based on trend analysis. Technical report:The technical report will be a step by step guide on how to implement the changes. This report will include the scripts necessary to implement a sound backup strategy and configuration changes. In addition, you will get free access to the performance dashboard for a limited time, which will allow you to view performance graphs for the data collected during the analysis.

You can find out more information on our SQL Server Health Check services page.