Learning Management System

Utilise your knowledge

Knowledge and expertise is a powerful edge in today's complex business climate. Our Learning Management System will enable your company to manage, track, and quantify all of the training, continuing education, employee development, certification and other learning activities.

Provide training 24/7

Our Learning Management System can be used anywhere. In the office, at the client site, at home, etc. It can be deployed on-line, via computer-based training, or a hybrid approach that combines person-to-person and self paced learning.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Using the Learning Management System, learning material can be found easily, companies can be assured that all learning material is consistently high quality, sample quizzes can be taken, final quizzes/exams can be taken to ensure that that a certain level of competence or knowledge has been reached, and benchmarking standards can be established and maintained.

Reduce costs

No need to print out hard-copy manuals No need to send staff on training No need to bring in external lecturers No need for travel expenses

View results

Registered members can log in to the Administration Module view scores using a web based administration page. They can they see in real time, which employees have completed the quizzes and what their score was and how many attempts it took.