Dewlock sponsors a number of events and meetup groups. These events are free to attend and are mostly technical sessions.

The following groups are sponsored and run by Dewlock:

PostgreSQL User Group

User Group web site PostgreSQL Sydney

User group meetup page PostgreSQL Meetup

If you are interested in sharing and learning about PostgreSQL in Sydney, then this is the place to be. This group is primarily for users who wish to go beyond the basics and implement PostgreSQL to solve real world problems. Learn topics relating to development, database administration, and designing solutions around the worlds most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL!

NoSQL User Group

User group meetup page NoSQL Meetup

Join this group if you're interested in scalable web apps and/or data stores. Discover various NoSQL technologies such as HBase, MongoDB, Riak, Cassandra, Memcached, etc... We will show you which technologies are best in each situation in a vendor neutral manner.

Couchbase User Group

User group meetup page Couchbase Sydney

Join Couchbase Sydney for specific training in Couchbase... one of the most scalable NoSQL solutions used by companies such as Paypal, Linked-in and Viber.